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Together Ashley and Kenneth found it difficult to locate affordable commercial kitchens to conduct their business.  With the increase of culinary entrepreneurs and self-made caterers in the DC metro area; they too were having difficulty in locating a permanent home to scale their business. This problem turned into an opportunity, of building a shared kitchen in SW Baltimore. Thus, the genesis of Greywood Group.  


To be the change we wanted to see in SW Baltimore, we have created a community outreach initiative at Greywood Group. The restoration of our properties allows us to build for entrepreneurs allowing them to operate and scale. In addition to creating an incubator space to educate adolescents and adults.


To ensure our success in this initiative, we have partnered with Esquire Meals, LLC, a gourmet meal preparation company from Baltimore. Esquire Meals, LLC operates the Healthy Eats Culinary Program, a nutritional healthy eating program for adolescents and adults to learn nutrition, healthy eating habits, kitchen safety, and cooking techniques. Dulce Sweet Bar and Bakery will be one of the tenants to rent kitchen space for retail purposes and supplier fulfillment. This will not only bring resolve to a food desert but also bring education and jobs for community residents. 


The neighborhoods in the Southwest Baltimore area have a rich literary, industrial, and commercial history. They are intricately connected to Baltimore’s business district, the Harbor, the stadiums, and major institutions. Income, education level, housing type, and price vary across the neighborhoods but together they have experienced decades of disinvestment, failed redevelopment, and negative press.


However, times have changed; community members in large forums and small workgroups have discussed the future of their community and determined the steps needed. To address the needs of the community, institutional partners are providing resources, support, and input in the fields of housing, commercial development, and urban design.


These efforts are in line with the vision of the Greywood Group, LLP. 

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